Stop Captain Cook's $6.7 million Endeavour re-enactment

Stop Captain Cook's $6.7 million Endeavour re-enactment

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Captain Cook's $6.7 million Endeavour re-enactment 

Not only a waste of money, but an insult to the First Nation people of Australia who’s country everyone resides in. With budget cuts all across Australia and with rivers being at an all time low I think it is  agreed that $7 million dollars is best spent else where.

Captain Cooks voyage is nothing to celebrate let alone re enact. The 26th of January 1788 marks the day captain cook claimed sovereignty on NSW Australia. Claimed sovereignty on already sovereign Aboriginal land also the day marking the beginning of genocide of the First Nation people of Australia.

Given Australia’s dark and evil history from the 26th of January 1788 onwards from enslaving the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander race forcing them to build the country from the ground up on stolen wages. Wars, massacres and poisoning water sources  in attempt to kill off the Indigenous First Nation people. To raping Indigenous women to the theft of Indigenous Children who where a product of the rape. Placed in concentration camps tortured and forbidden to practice culture and told they where Orphans with permission from the government  under the white assimilation policy to breed out the Aboriginal race in four generations. As the white race was believed to be more superior. The white Australian assimilation policy was abolished legally in 1973. First Nation people where classed as non humans but as flora and fauna until 1967. Given Australia’s history captain cooks arrival is not something worthy of celebration but worthy of mourning.

You would not support the re enactment of the arrival of Hitler so do not support the re enactment of captain cook.