Stamp out racism in Australia

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SBS report by Tom Stayner (12 February 2020): 

Coronavirus outbreak renews push for fresh anti-racism campaign

The coronavirus outbreak has refocused attention on racist attitudes in Australia and the Federal Opposition and experts are renewing calls for fresh anti-racism measures as a result.

Dr Tim Soutphommasane (Former Race Discrimination Commissioner) told SBS News that anti-racism measures had become even “more urgent” than before amid a “marked rise” in racist extremism.

Despite the responses from the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA) and Chinese Australia Forum (CAF) in the media, calling to the government leadership to stamp out racism of any form in Australia, and even though the community has received some positive response from our Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Multicultural Minister Tudge, Shadow Minister Giles, and Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan, the incidence of racist taunts and tirades continues unabated.

SBS News by Steven Trask (21 April 2020):

Warnings Australia's far-right could exploit the coronavirus pandemic

A terrorism studies expert says elements of Australia's far-right are planning to use the coronavirus crisis to stoke resentment against migrants. 

A terrorism studies expert has warned that Australia's far-right could use the coronavirus crisis to stir anti-migrant sentiments.

Charles Sturt University's Kristy Campion told SBS News on Monday (20 April 2020) there is evidence that far-right groups and individuals were looking to capitalise on the instability at this time.

Although far-right groups in Australia have not engaged in protests similar to those taking place in the US, Dr Campion said they were exploiting the pandemic in their own way.

The overwhelming majority of Chinese/Asian Australians feel they have been racially demonised in the Australian media throughout this crisis. Many of them are living in fear.

As extreme racism has reared its ugly head in all states and territories of Australia, please sign this petition in addition to the general petition put out by Chinese Australian Forum in Sydney, to call upon the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, and all MPs (State and Federal), in putting out bipartisan public education measures, instructing our police and ASIO and other law enforcing agencies to take precautionary action to protect our Chinese/Asian community and general community at large.

This is a plea to our leaders to act accordingly and not just pay lip service to our requests.