New Perth eating disorder unit inpatient and outpatients for ages 16+

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Many adolescents 16 years and up as well as adults are sufferers of various and dangerous eating disorders which has the highest mortality rate in all mental illnesses in which many are not receiving the specialist care they need. Princess Margaret/Perth children’s hospital stop admitting people into there programs  over 16 years of age leaving those struggling left with public hospitals that don’t specialise in the condition without the right treatment care and approach and those without private health insurance cannot receive the inpatient or outpatient support they deserve. We have one specialist outpatient and that is the centre for clinical interventions (CCI) in which don’t provide inpatient/ medical health and only can have people in there program if they are in recovery or working towards it and not medically declining which to do so is very common in a eating disorder. Many of us go into adulthood still battling these illnesses and are at a loss of support and get lost within the public hospitals because staff do not know enough about eating disorders or how to approach them. If we open up a new clinic or unit for disorder patients over 16 to adults  in the same way that the eating disorder program is run at Perth children’s hospital which is fantastic and a effective program  where The inpatient program works on less lengthy admissions for the children's education and mental health, normalizing eating, improving the psychological barriers, supplying distractions, such as positive activities and providing a team of staff with a strong understanding on the illness. As an inpatients patients are given access too 

•a care coordinator 
•occupational therapists 
•specialist doctors and nurses
• and more to support them on patients on their road to recovery

•Meal support, group therapy and schooling/ education  are just a few more of the critical elements that are lacking from the public adult inpatient facilities which don't  have a program for patients with eating disorders . The public system for eating disorder patients requiring inpatient care  are unfortunately very uneducated on the illnesses and in truth quite poorly.  If we don’t do anything about this serious and growing illness and proper treatment regime and units then many will be left to be lost in the health system treated poorly and have a higher risk of relapse and death.

YOU can make a difference by signing this petition : to allow many of the teenagers and adults including myself able to receive the specialist care as it’s desperately needed which will aid in health and recovery and bring greater outcomes with eating disorder full recovery and a possible decrease in mortality rates.