Get funding back to Aeiou for all children with autism

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My name is Tina 

Im a mum to three children with autism . Aleeah started at Aeiou last year with a diagnosis of Asd and Gdd while she had speech it was limited and she had lots of other challenges. Aleeah is a very bright girl she has progressed well with the help of Aeiou .Without which she wouldn’t be we’re she is now . When  she started at Aeiou you didn’t need a level just a diagnosis . She had a level 3 when she started, because Aeiou intervention works she has progressed to a level 2 . When the ndis rolled out we were told her level of skill is to high to get full funding for Aeiou so we need to leave and take her to a mainstream day care Centre and try and also pay for any more therapies she will need . Most daycare providers are not trained in autism and they can not handle the extra stress of a child with autism who is still in need of her intervention . Children with autism require at least two years instesive early intervention of at least 20 hours a week . She is not being funded for this . The government is failing to help their former poster child for their last election that they promised to help . They came to Aeiou and gave funding to build a fantastic new Centre to help aleeah and other families .  Now she can’t attend the Centre she was used to promote . All children deserve early intervention with a autism diagnosis. It should not be so hard for children to access when they are already struggling in so many other areas .Please fix the Ndis it is flawed and not fair on our most vulnerable children who need it the most .  

The helping children with autism package and the government gave funding to Aeiou foundation to help all children with a autism diagnosis not just children on a level 3 we want the ndis to cover all children just because a child can talk dose not mean their not suffering in other areas it’s called autism spectrum for a reason .