1​.​5 million Aussies left to fend for themselves. Be the voice for Sole Traders.

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1.5 million sole traders left to fend for themselves in the middle of an economical and health crisis.....

Scott Morrison recently announced the introduction of the Stimulus package as a  response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Stimulus package will supply a once of payment of $750 to low income earners. Small & medium size businesses who have 1 or more employees will be eligible for a payment of up to $25,000 to keep them and their employees afloat. 

What about sole traders? No. Sorry you don't receive anything. You do have access to lower asset write off thresholds though. Also, we're giving everyone else money so we assume people will spend it on sole traders as well. Wrong Mr. Morrison.

Every single one of us knows a sole trader. They are painters,tutors, tattoo artists, cleaners, landscapers, sparkies, plumbers, carpenters, freelancers, you name it.

Yet, our government has over looked sole traders and their importance in our community and economy.

If a sole trader has to isolate and is required to leave their house to earn an income, they cannot earn a living. No financial backing makes it very discouraging for sole traders to self isolate if required.

If we go in to lock down as a nation, a sole trader who is required to leave their house to provide a service, earns nothing.

Sole traders are already feeling the pinch of the current crisis.

Naturally, people are holding on to their money and are not spending. Meaning despite a cash injection to many Australians, sole traders are not likely to receive a boom in business during this time, actually the complete opposite. With an increasing fear of an uncertain future people are not spending, people are saving ! Can you blame them? No. But in the meantime, what are sole traders meant to do?

We cannot ignore legitimate tax payers and contributors to our community and economy. Sole traders pay tax and gst like any other business, so why should they suffer? Why should their family suffer? Why should their career suffer?

There is very little clarity around what support sole traders do have, can they claim job seeker if in isolation, or cannot work or struggling to make ends meet? After all if they cannot work they are not low income earners, they are NO income earners. Yet low income earners under the stimulus packaging will receiving a cash injection.

I am calling for support of Australia to be the voice for the 1.5 million sole traders who form our community, our economy and our country. 

I am calling for action from Scott Morrision and the Liberal party. You have been voted in to look after Australia, do not ignore the cries from your tax payers.

More importantly, do not discourage Australians from taking a chance at business on their own, because the message you have sent it in a time of need is, 'fend for yourself'.