Change animal cruelty laws

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000! help me by signing this petition to help the RSPCA get justice for the cruelty to the animals removed from Storybrook Farm-Sacred Animal Garden Rescue, the abuse and neglect these animals had to endure is beyond belief as they state they are a rescue facility in which people donated money to, where did it all go, because it obviously was not used for veterinary care for these animals, the hardest thing we all see on social media is cruelty to animals in which our justice system mostly serves with a slap on the hand, we all need to come together and seriously make our justice system know it needs to change to harsher penalties for any chance of this to come to an end, unless we change our laws we are not going to be able to put a stop to the cruelty to our beloved pets, help me help the animals that can’t speak for themselves