Bring Home Australia's 80 Tonnes of Gold

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The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed this week that 99.9% of the Australian Government's gold is NOT in Australia.

69 Tonnes is apparently sitting in the Bank of England and 11.1 Tonnes has officially been 'leased' to parties which have not been disclosed to the Australian people.

There is no legitimate public policy reason to have Australia's gold outside of Australia.

Other countries around the world are buying massive amounts of gold and recalling their gold from London, New York and Paris back to their country. Examples include Germany, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands and Turkey. 

Australia must join this international movement and ensure that Australia's gold is recalled back to our shores.

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Martin North and John Adams have recently completed a two part series on YouTube about Australia's gold which is worth watching and spreading to patriotic Australians.

Part 1: Help John Adams Find Australia's 11 Tonnes of Gold

Part 2: A New Gold Scandal - England denies Australia access to its Gold