Australian government to enact laws to recognise our right to a healthy environment.

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The City of Sydney has officially declared a climate emergency but you can do something about it right now!

A landmark UN report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has delivered a dramatic and extraordinarily serious warning: We have little more than a decade to get global warming under control or the world is at risk.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's special report tells us that our carbon emissions targets will need to fall 45 per cent from 2010 levels— or 58 per cent from 2015 totals —by 2030 if we are to reverse the impact of climate change. In light of the damning report, the Australia's mining industry and the Morrison government rejected the report that calls on nations to phase out all coal-fired power. This denial of the UN backed report and continuation of a coal-fired power will have devastating impacts on the healthy and well-being of all Australians if the government continues down a path of environmental destruction. 

In more than 110 countries, the right to a healthy environment is constitutionally protected. Many more countries also include this right in their national environmental laws. Sadly, Australia is not among them. Australia has a patchwork of environmental laws which simply does not work to protect the people and places we love. Meanwhile, international examples demonstrate that countries with laws recognising the right to a healthy environment perform better environmentally and economically than those without them.

A federal healthy environment act could do three important things fundamental to effective environmental protection:

1. Ensure that all Australians have access to the information they need to be fully informed about government decisions that affect them and their environment;
2. Allow all Australians to participate in the process of developing, implementing and evaluating environmental law; and
3. Provide all Australians with access to the courts, as a last resort, where there is an irreconcilable conflict over environmental decision-making.

For far too long our government have been fattening the pockets of big business with no care for the environment and these decisions are at the cost of all health and well-being of all Australians. Time is running out and we need our government to stand up and be accountable for their actions!

By signing this petition we call on the government to enact laws and policies that provides clean air and a healthy environment for all Australia so that we can join the 110 countries around the world that already have this right included in their constitutions.

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