Allow armed guards to protect Muslim mosques and schools

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Muslims go to mosques to pray 5 times a day in smaller numbers and every Friday in much larger numbers. Mosques in Australia have been the subject of terrorist attacks from far right terrorists who have the same mentality as Brenton Tarrant. To prevent these attacks from happening again and to lessen their impact, permanent armed guards must be trained to protect prayers. The police cannot be there quickly enough to prevent slaughtering unarmed civilians who could be saved if armed guards are present, it would also act as a deterrent. 

Muslims have the right to defend themselves just like many other community members, particularly white Australians who happen to own more guns than others.The Australian government should accept that as a reason for any Muslim praying at the mosque in applying for a gun licence and make it possible for them to acquire one if they choose to do so. Needless to say, that those with criminal records should not have them, but Muslims should be subject to a fair treatment on this issue and gun ownership facilitated in order to protect themselves from these terrorist attacks. 

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