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Revision of the New Glenwood High School Dress Code

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This past school year, the assistant principals of GHS organized a Student Handbook Committee to get insight from parents, teachers, students, and faculty on revisions to policies regarding Mobile Electronic Devices and Dress Code. I joined in order to help assure that the changes being made were changes that would best benefit the student body. Unfortunately, I was outnumbered and the dress code has been turned into something that I cannot and will not support. 

The new dress code, as it is printed on the walls of the school is, "Please check the following before entering this classroom! If you are wearing leggings or yoga pants, does your top cover your entire buttocks?"

By censoring the bodies of young girls for the comfort of others in a place that is supposed to be safe like school, we teach them that their body is a problem. This notion causes several life long issues such as body image issues, self consciousness, and the inhibitance of speaking up when, unfortunately, sexual assault happens. When you teach girls ages 14 to 18 that their bodies belong to others in the sense that they can be controlled by others, it gives the people that prey on young girls the upper hand because victims are much less likely to speak up when they feel like it was their fault, and by making girls hide their bodies so they don't distract their peers, it perpetuates the victim shame cycle. 

In addition to this, the logistics of the dress code itself are simply ridiculous. Girls should not have to be swimming in t shirts three sizes too big just so it covers their butt. Nor should they have to go blow money on other pants that are not yoga pants/leggings. High school is hard enough for girls without having to worry about how much of their buttocks is exposed.

This is my last year at GHS, I want to leave it better than I found it. I do not want this to be what I leave behind. If you think that this dress code is inappropriate, sexist, or ridiculous, please sign this petition. I will be presenting it at the BCSD5 School Board Meeting on Monday, August 29.

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