Save King

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King was adopted last May to a couple in up state New York. The contract was signed by the adopters. King had been Saved from death row in NYC ACC.  The one adopter (man) was working closely with king with training. They loved this dog.  About a week ago the rescue was contacted saying the dog was PTS due to a bite to the owner (woman)  After much reseach what had actually happened is the couple broke up and the lady kept King.  SDRM was notified today that there in fact was no police report of a biting and that King was actually alive. Great right. No. According to upstate NY even though the rescue has a binding contract and the chip is still registered to the rescue. That the dog can only be claimed by the owner (lady)  King now faces again Death on Saturday. We need to stop this. We need everyone to sign step up to the plate. Call news to save King. The shelter will not talk to SDRM only the owner can help us save King. Please consider signing.  Save King�