Change the label 'MENTAL HEALTH' and remove the stigma FOREVER!

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Had my beautiful, kind son Jordan believed that he had a brain imbalance he would have sought help. Instead he was terrified of being diagnosed with a mental health illness and being categorised as mad or insane and having this on his medical record. Too scared to seek help, he chose to take his own life at the young age of 27. 
Where does this perception come from? Why does the very mention of the word mental instil fear into people?  
Historically, those judged insane were admitted to workhouses, poorhouses and jails. Next came the introduction of madhouses and asylums where more patients could be kept. Harsh treatments and restraint in chains were seen as therapeutic for the mentally ill who were viewed as wild animals with no feelings. 
In one of the public asylums, Bedlam, spectators could pay a penny to watch the inmates as a form of entertainment. In Nazi Germany the institutionalised mentally ill were among the earliest targets of sterilisation and it has been estimated that over 200,000 individuals with mental disorders of all kinds were put to death, although their mass murder has received relatively little attention.  
These perceptions still exist today due to lack of education about mental issues and lack of research to provide the education. 
The real issue is that the term 'Mental Health' is used as a blanket term which means that people with anxiety, stress, depression etc. come under the same umbrella as those people with, for example, severe psychosis, schizophrenia. 
They are classified as 'Mental Health Conditions'. The media and medical professions also classify them in this way. THIS IS THE ISSUE - the media and medical professions need to be clearer and stop using the label 'Mental Health' as a blanket term as it discourages individuals from seeking help. 
PLEASE help me to change the label 'Mental Health' and change the perception of mental illness. You may have ideas for what the phrase should be?  
Brain Imbalance? 
Brain Disease? 
Emotional Health Conditions? 
Please share your ideas with us but, most of all, PLEASE HELP TO REMOVE THE STIGMA'. 
With your help we could change the way that mental health is viewed forever and open the door for people to seek help, especially vulnerable young men.