PAY-PER-REVIEW: make it mandatory for scientific journals to remunerate reviewers.

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Dear Colleague,

This petition aims to make it mandatory for scientific journal publishing houses to remunerate reviewers on a piecework basis. The peer review process is an essential part of modern science, but the publishers exploit this by profiting from the non-wage labour of reviewers.

Most journal publishing groups are private enterprises that, like any company, have as their primary objective to make a profit. Editorial, production and design, sales, marketing, advertising, IT, web publishing, business development, and administration staff; all have employment contracts with the publishing companies. There is one notable exception: the researchers invited by the journals to evaluate submitted manuscripts are not paid.

There are many things wrong with the current model, where a few journal conglomerates hold publicly funded academic institutions over a barrel. This is one area where public pressure can be brought to bear. The exact means of rewarding the reviewers is up for discussion.  Different options could be given to reviewers, including a pay check, a credit system towards publishing costs in the future or a donation.

By signing this petition, you protest against the intellectual exploitation by the publishing enterprises and demand financial reward for the peer reviewing of manuscripts, which is the core activity in the publication process.


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