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Renew the teaching contract for Timotei Schubert at Suzanne Cory High School (closed)

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A member of the Suzanne Cory High School language and humanities department has had his application for the renewal of his teaching contract declined. This has left a significant impact on the morale of the staff and students involved with him. As a teacher, over the course of his time at the school, he became familiar with the ability of each of his students, and as such, was able to provide detailed personal feedback to them. He also developed rapport and understanding between himself and the other members of the school community. To introduce a new teacher in his stead would mean that this knowledge of the students weaknesses and abilities would need to be developed once again in a long tedious process that would defer the students sustained learning, jeopardising the education of current students. His presence as a person will leave a gaping hole in the hearts of the students and teachers of Suzanne Cory High School. 

On a personal level, he was a person who you could approach at any time and express concerns, or even trivial thoughts to. Classic banter with the lads was always good with my one and only man, Timotei. He was personally my favourite and most trusted teacher. 

tl;dr: sign to save TIMOTEI SCHUBERT

Thank you for your consideration.

edit: Unfortunately as Mr. Schubert has already secured a teaching position position at another school, and as per his request, this petition is closed. In the day this petition was up, we managed to get featured on's popular page! Hopefully through this petition, and through the heartfelt messages of the signatories, Schubert has felt the appreciation and gratitude we owe him. He was an great teacher and caring friend. He has taught us many valuable lessons and he has personally opened my eyes to so many things. Let's all hope he has a great time and wish him all the best at his new school.

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