Don't Let Homosexuality Be Pushed On Students In Fannin County

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     In Fannin County High School, two students are trying to start a club called GSA, which stands for Gay Straight Alliance. Many students have already posted on social media about their opinions and are being attacked because of their opinions or beliefs. The requirements for a club to start are: a teacher to sponsor and at least ten people who say they would join. The next step is to take it to the principle. Then the principal must approve it. Only way we can change this is by having everyone stand up against it.

    Some students have even gone as far as saying they would drop out of school if this does go through. By signing this you simply state that you do not agree with this club and stand for what you believe in. They won’t let us bring religion into the schools so why is it okay to bring this into schools?  Anyone can sign, parents, past students, everyone.