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Help stop the renaming of Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School

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Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar school opened in February 2006 with 47 local students. The school was located in the car park at the SJ Shire cnr Patterson Rd and Mundijong Rd Mundijong. The school consisted of 2 x class rooms and the old disused Mundijong town hall. The original scope was for the school to lease the shire council buildings for a period of 20 x years and then purchase, whilst the shire built new buildings where the shire works depot is located in Mundijong. 5 x members of the public mortgaged their own houses for $100k each to purchase the first demountable buildings . Only one of these 5 had children attend the school. We the foundation group tried for many years to get financial support from the state govt and various church groups  of various denominations. The then group had a professional report produced (Tungstal report) proving the viability for a secondary school in our area, but no support was fourth coming, so we the community of volunteers went alone and did our own fundraising for proceeds and equipment. The then deal with the shire fell through and we were left homeless, a considerable amount of canvassing of all the community and contacts, led to the current site being donated by the Bett family and the eventual loans from the Anglican Church group to build what we have today Obviously there is a lot more detail in between. Why did we want a high school in Mundijong. We found that once our children left the shire for high school all their interests left the shire with them and we lost all our young people and community growth, thus we keep our kids local and they stick around to build our community —-eg Whitby estate and Byford

The entire school, whether it be construction, funding or organisation was done by volunteers from our community and this is still going on today.

No one person can claim they built SJGS

No one person can say they own SJGS

No one person can claim they arranged for any part of the school whole and solely

SJGS is 100% built, owned, supported and attended by the residents of SJ shire and surrounding suburbs——SOOO WHY ??????? Would we name it after one person or family.

I do agree the Court family has done wonderful things for the state of WA , 2 x state premiers, one of which was a true statesman 1 x tennis great by marriage and an Ambassadore to Japan, I believe any naming honour should be carried out by the state government, not a community group.But the Court family do not want a state based school naming Court, as it does not follow their religious views,eg same sex marriage and evolution. This would mean a school named Court would exclude a certain demographic of student from our community built school.

Mr Ken Court is the founding Chairman for SJGS,  Sir Charles Court is our Patron

The Courts already have the following named at SJGS

Whitby school house— location of Yarabah farm Ken Court

Yarabah school house after farm

Patron of school Sir Charles Court

various assemblies including awarding Dux and captains —-Court assembly

Marron cup——major inter school sporting event——grown at Yarabah—

The individuals who donated the land, the family who donated the oval grass, the family that carried out all the earth works, the original school cleaners and all the other volunteer community people NIL,NIL,NIL NAMED AFTER THEM

We would appreciate your help in keeping our community built schools name  Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School, so that it demonstrates continued community support for all students and not give naming rights to any one individual or organisation that’s personal views differ from a true community.

The school board has indicated the name change is vital for continued fundraising for the schools expansion to 900 plus students in the future. They stated to access funding from the higher end of town, Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar is not classy/ important enough, but to name it Court Grammar is???????

The Serpentine Grammar School name has got us this far with loans of many millions of dollars, continued student growth and brilliant facilities, but apparently a name that has not been in the headlines for good reasons but socially unacceptable comments is the way forward for additional funding.


Rod Vogel



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