School Dress Codes Targets Females

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The purpose of this petition is to spread awareness about the dress code targeting women. By signing this petition, you are supporting girls who are being affected by the dress code in schools mainly across Canada and the United States. 

When a female is told she can't wear an article of clothing such as a top that reveals her shoulders, it really is saying she is a distraction and her skin being exposed is unacceptable. The dress code starts to sexualize and objectify females starting from young ages such as 9, and the more dress coding that happens, the more normal this wrongly becomes.

Student's face the consequence of getting sent home/detention/in school suspension for how they dress which interferes with their learning at school. Being dress coded also has the potential to make a student feel degraded when they are seen wearing an oversized gym shirt they were forced to change into, or when they are missing class because they got in trouble for something they wanted to wear.

The substantial problem with the dress code is that the society we live in promotes self confidence but schools counteract with this when they are against a women's physique being shown. The dress code implicitly says that females are distracting and the reason behind the immature behaviour boys have. Females are the one going down to the office because boys can't help their "prying eyes" and it has became a social norm in school that no boy can look at a girl without having immature thoughts. 

Going beyond school, the way women dress is starting to lead people to blame females who were victims of sexual assault by asking questions such as "Well, what was she wearing at the time?". Women should have the freedom to dress how they want without being discriminated to start teaching the upcoming generation clothes don't mean consent.