School Crossings for Augusta State School

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I am commencing this document in response to the unsafe traffic and pedestrian environment currently operating within the Augusta State School Precinct.  As population growth within the area has skyrocketed in recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that the current traffic management and pedestrian infrastructure is overwhelmingly inadequate to cope with the increased demand, placing families within the community at significant risk of injury.

Despite the installation of traffic monitoring cameras and concession from some parties that the situation is in need of remedy, all inquiries to date have been met with a variety of excuses as to who's responsibility it is to fund the appropriate pedestrian crossings and widening of Brittains Road to accommodate additional car parking.  These excuses have ranged from engaging the developer, seek Federal funding, to the school is on a State Electoral division boundary and requires part funding from each electorate.  In short most statements from the invested parties are contradictory and entirely dependent on who you speak to on any given day. 

Any member of the Augustine Heights Community that collects children, or travels through that area during school drop off and pick up times throughout the day will have a clear understanding of the impact of the unsafe environment.  Traffic is frequently banked up for up to 30minutes forcing vehicles onto footpaths and the wrong side of the road to make progress.  Children have no safe or marked crossing areas forcing teachers to stay back after hours and manually stop traffic to get children safely across the road.

There is serious concern within the community that a serious injury or fatality may result from the current situation if left un-rectified. 

The petition is seeking to approach all invested parties with a view of:

(A)- Establishing marked pedestrian crossings on Brittains Road leading directly from the school crossing the roadway (in line with the bus pick up area and school yard crossings).

(B)- Establishing marked pedestrian crossings on the roundabout at the intersection of Brittains Road and Cadoc Street.

(C)- Establishing a marked pedestrian crossing on Cadoc Street at the T-intersection with Benzet Drive. 

(D)- The widening to the rutted gravel section of Brittains Road opposite the school to include bitumen car parking spaces and continuation of the partially completed pedestrian footpath. 

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