Say yes to Irish wine

Say yes to Irish wine

5 December 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Denny Baldin

In Ireland we drink 55 millions bottles of wine a year.

The goal of the Irish Wine Coop is to set up an Irish Wine industry able to produce between Spring 2020 and 2035 half of that volume of wine, 30 million bottles, a possible annual turnover exceeding a quarter of a billion a year ending in rural Ireland's citizens pocket, coming from UNDER POLYTUNNELS organic certified Irish Vineyards.

Many may believe it is impossible to make Irish wine however, 250 outdoor vineyards are now producing in Sweden, about 500 in UK.

We believe it is time for Ireland to join the club of the new wine producers.

300 million is the once in a life time investment needed for the whole new Irish wine Industry infrastructure. 300 million will be the ANNUAL turnover if we will sell our 30 million bottle for 10€... 150 if sold at 5€. 

Our experience and research show that a single polytunnel, size 6 by 12 meters (ideally 9 by 15), when set up, cared and pruned according to the Irish Wine Coop standard can produce the equivalent in grapes to make up to 300 bottles of wine (one barrel of wine) a year for the entire life of the vineyard (which is around 100 years). 

Our Irish grapes wont be grown outdoor in rows -like the old Italian or French vineyards or the new English or Sweden ones- but overheads inside small scale polytunnels with one barrel of wine a year production. Therefore the soil can be used for Farm to Fork food production. This means that...

...already from next Spring 2021 one part time job for 6 months a year for each of the 5 polytunnel can be created all over rural Ireland following Community Sustained Agriculture principles. 10.000 jobs at full size development.

Our campaign seeks to made everybody aware of the opportunity we have to boost Irish economic rural development along the creation of solid small scale farming jobs, environment and biodiversity improvement; in a moment where global pandemic, Brexit and climate emergency are threatening our present and future rural Ireland wellbeing.

You can visit our website to join us or to stay update with what we believe it is, with no doubt, the most exiting and promising Agri Food project for the 2020 2035 

We wish Leo Varadkar as Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Charlie McConalogue as minister of Agriculture, Heather Humphreys as Minister of Community and Rural Development, Tim Cullinan as President of the Irish Farmers Association to team up with us to make our the Irish Wine Industry a reality.


Say Yes to Irish Wine!

Denny Baldin and the Great Vine

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Signatures: 287Next Goal: 500
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