Say no to stray dog populations poisoning in Jericho

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Managing stray dog populations is a challenge encountered by number of cities in the world. While feral dogs clearly pose a threat to general health of civilians, usage of poison as a tool to eradicate those populations are not any better. Beyond the lack of ethic in undergoing such actions, use of toxic chemicals will have an effect on a much bigger scale; direct contact with people, contamination of crops, contamination of water sources, contamination of soil... Countless cases in history have showed how substances remains in the environnement for decades after its application, spreading and contaminating populations beyond the local application site.

Alternative solutions to stray dogs population do exist and have been implemented in a lot of countries. Support in labour force and finance to local shelter is one of them, helping them establish a team of vets capable of tackling the root of the problem by the castrate/neuter and release technique.

On May 8th, Municipalities of Jericho and Ramallah have started releasing intoxicated meat in the streets with the aim of poisoning as many dogs as possible, despite opposition of many civilians in addition to the local shelter Animal and Environment Association of Bethlehem Palestine. The authorities in power to stop such carnage have remained deaf to the pleas to cease such action. The fate of hundreds of dogs, acres of cultivated soil, thousands of children are now in your hand. Please help us raise a voice against these barbaric methods!

As Gandhi once said, the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.