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Say no to Private Hire Vehicles being Congestion Charged

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UPDATE: This petition originally said 'Say no to London's Private Hire Vehicles being Congestion Charged' but we have removed the word 'London' as we believe Private Hire Vehicle should not be Congestion Charged NATIONALLY.

The text below still explains the original petition, as London's PHVs are currently being threatened with the Congestion Charge, which is obviously one of the our major current campaigns.

TfL are proposing to levy the Congestion Charge on London Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), which are an integral part of London’s Public Transport system.  The LPHCA was instrumental in getting London PHVs exempted from paying the Congestion Charge when Ken Livingstone was Mayor of London and will be launching a full-blown campaign to try to prevent that exemption being removed.

If London’s Private Hire Vehicles are Congestion Charged some fares will treble, most fares would need to increase between 10 & 20% and minicabs could become as expensive as black cabs.

PHVs are used by the elderly, disabled people and many other groups, such as non-car owners, as the cheapest form of bookable door to door transport, they are also far more environmentally friendly than the average London Taxi, which are also far more expensive than PHVs.  TfL are not proposing that London Taxis should be Congestion Charged, which may have serious equality and competition issues.

The Travelling Public, hospitals, sports facilities, businesses, places of entertainment and Local Authorities are dependent on London’s PHVs as a primary form of affordable transport.

Congestion Charging is intended to reduce congestion not to make it more expensive to get to work or home safely.  There are many things that TfL can do to improve congestion in London and Congestion Charging PHVs is not one of them, it will simply be a tax on those who need to use PHVs the most.

Please sign the petition and kindly get others to do so too. 

Please also visit LPHCA.CO.UK to follow our campaign and find out how you can also let TfL and the Mayor of London know how you feel.