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Say NO to giving Toll Brothers more time to work on their North Bethesda development plan

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We should voice our disapproval of Toll Brothers 3 month DELAY tactic and not allow it to go unnoticed. Without our responses, this Thursday, January 25, Parks & Planning will give "rubber stamp approval" of this 3 month extension request. Each of us should the link to the right to strongly disagree with this DELAY tactic and voice our disapproval of the extension. This extension helps Toll Brothers and DOES NOT help the surrounding community.

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Toll Brothers have been working on a plan to build an excessive 309 houses on the North Bethesda site known as "The WMAL Radio Towers Land" located just a few blocks from the corner of Democracy Blvd & Fernwood Road. This massive development is too much for the greater community to withstand and will have major negative long term effects on traffic congestion, school overcrowding, local parks overuse and destruction of the natural environment.

The Toll Brothers plan was formally submitted and accepted by the Montgomery County Planning Board (aka Parks & Planning) on October 25, 2017.  Prior to that, on June 25, 2017 and prior, strong public disagreement occurred and Pubic testimony took place. Toll Brothers is now at a phase where they (by law) have had 4 months to work with Parks & Planning and the County Development Review Commission (DRC) to make necessary changes to their development plan. Toll Brothers must supply their changes to Parks & Planning prior to February 22, 2018. HOWEVER, Toll Brothers is now requesting 3 additional months to respond with their revisions, to comply with Parks & Planning requests.

Parks & Planning has already done their part to review the plans and provide comments and requests for changes. Toll Brothers should hold up their end of the deal and comply within the amount of time provided. No excuses.

If the Parks & Planning review is too extensive for Toll Brothers to complete their responses on time there's a simple solution - BUILD LESS HOUSES

Links to Parks & Planning Review and published news articles:

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