Say NO to Fluoridation in Oberon

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I'm not a doctor, dentist or scientist, but I don't need to be to read into the massive controversy surrounding water fluoridation.  Our beautiful town of Oberon has been under character attack by dental industry representatives, the corporate media and their slick, well-financed propaganda over the last two months. Our people, and in particular our hard-won independent Council, are being brow beaten by them and a small group of overly enthusiastic local supporters who live mostly out of town and on tank. 

Professional opinions and anecdotes are not peer reviewed scientific survey data, and the pro-fluoride proponents pedal undocumented statistics about our town's specific dental problems, while completely ignoring and ridiculing the international scientific push to end this clearly outdated and dangerous policy.  The ongoing cumulative threat to human health from sodium fluoride is obvious for those having done their due diligence on the vast amount of up to date literature available. 

Industrial Grade Sodium Fluoride is a poisonous waste product from the aluminum phosphate fertilizer industry, not natural calcium fluoride as the media and pro-fluoride proponents say it is.  Depending on the type, it can contain lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, cadmium and over 20 other industrial contaminants that the pro-fluoride say are 'safe'.  There are simply too many questions raised by other independant highly qualified researchers to accept the orthodox view any longer.  We've got to stand up and do this a better way.    

Oberon fought against a lying state government representative that tried to amalgamate us before, and we WON.  They think our voice is small, they think we're stupid and will just swallow what we're told by the apparently all knowing ADA and NHMRC.  Join with me Oberon and other awakened souls to show this industry that it's propaganda is falling on deaf ears - time for change.  Lets keep it out.  Truth prevails.  23 Councils in Qld took it OUT.  Why?  96% (and climbing) of the world don't fluoridate (Including 93% of Europe) - let's help make it 100%. 

Don't take my word for it either - Go to to assist in your own personal awakening to this diabolical political agenda.  See here Dr Andrew Harms, former President of the ADA South Australia, now speaking out against fluoridation.