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Say no to farmed Puppies in Pendle.

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Douglas Hall Kennels are a multi breed puppy selling establishment who have put in a planning application to build another large shed to keep more puppies in. They refuse to disclose where they source their pups from and currently have 26 different breeds for sale! 

The proposed buildings are to be constructed of timber with corrugated metal roofing. This will not afford any way of insulating and heating the premises and it is a requirement of care for these animals that buildings are kept warm in winter and cool in summer. Also no exercise area is shown on the plans and all animals should have regular daily access to an exercise area several times a day, and regular human contact and socialisation. No provision has been made for these conditions to be met, neither have they been mentioned or considered in any part of the application.
Where is the exercise area to be situated and it will need to be a hard tarmac type surface in order to be easily cleaned and disinfected which means the application is incomplete as no such area is mentioned or proposed. Where will the staff facilities and rest rooms be situated, again not mentioned in the application.
All rescue and rehoming centres in the UK are filled to capacity with unwanted animals needing rehoming, so there is no legitimate market for these animals. Also social media and selling pages are full of advertisments for unwanted dogs and puppies for rehoming. A planning application needs to show a market need to be considered as viable, there is no market need for more breeding establishments, so the application should be refused.
The details of this applicants current breeding business will be reported to HMRC as a matter of course and his business interests will be investigated.
I strongly object to this application on the grounds of
1/No market need

2/Unsuitable premises

3/Inadequate housing facilities for the dogs to be housed there

4/ No exercise area being provided as required, and PP would be required for this area if it were provided

5/ No adequate staff facilities provided nor intention to provide them, PP would be required if they were provided.

This must NOT be allowed to go ahead, please sign and share to help us to stop more puppies in sheds. 



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