Say NO to an Eversource Substation by the Kennedy-Longfellow School

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Abutting the Kennedy Longfellow School and the John A. Ahern Playing Fields is the 37,000 sq. ft. lot at 135 Fulkerson St, purchased by Eversource in January of 2017 for $13 Million. The lot was zoned for a 40 unit residential building; in 2016, then-developer 135 Fulkerson St. LLC received a Special Permit from the Planning Board to build these units. New owners Eversource however, hope to build a large electrical substation to power new development in the area.

Considering our City's demand for more housing units, and the safety hazards substations can pose, particularly to youth, we ask that the land be used for its legally defined purpose: housing.

Please sign the petition- tell Eversource we will not support an electrical substation where our children play and learn!

More information on the special permit granted in 2016 for housing:

Land specs and the property's current owners:

A substation malfunction that would be problematic in a dense residential area: