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SAW FILE MANUFACTURERS: Please make quality files for sharpening Handsaws

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So that Woodworkers and Saw Makers can once more sharpen their hand saws, like they used to be able to when quality Saw Files were still being made.

IMPORTANT PREAMBLE: If you do not have a current or future interest in Saw Files then i would prefer that you didn't add to the Petition. This is so that I can claim to the manufacturer of choice that the Petition has integrity, and that all the signatures are potential customers (directly or indirectly). The best way to show that you have a genuine interest is to add a comment of substance.

The Petition:
1. I am a Woodworker who sharpens hand saws.
2. Saw files are different to normal files because the majority of the work is done by the edges/corners on a very thin piece of very hard saw plate.
3. I am frustrated with the current quality of Saw Sharpening files.
4. The quality of files for this purpose seems to have dropped off a cliff in recent years, with manufacturers of previously good quality files sending their manufacturing to countries of lower labour rates, where little or no Quality Control takes place, and even less care.
5. It now extremely difficult (or impossible) to purchase a file that will actually do the job required, and last for any more than a few strokes. Either the file teeth on the edges snap off, rendering the file utterly useless, or the file is softer than the saw plate itself, which means that file is ground down by the saw!

In particular, I would like to see the following:
1. Appropriate good quality steel be used to make the file blanks.

2. Smooth grinding of the file blanks before tooth cutting so that the teeth do not have deep scratches running across them.

3. Properly cut edges/corners of the files.

4. Correct radius of the file edges to be formed. This is most critical when filing very fine saw teeth.

5. Correct hardening and tempering to be done after tooth forming of the files. The hardness should be 60-62 Rockwell. Harder than that makes the edges too brittle, and softer than that makes the file wear out too quickly.

6. Proper Quality Control so that bent or inferior files are not sent to market.

7. Straight Tangs that are centred to the longitudinal axis of the file, so that the file can be properly inserted in the handle of my choice, and remain balanced in my hand during use.

8. The correct taper be formed on the file blank. This is a taper that starts at the shoulder and continues down to the toe of the file. The taper angle for the shoulder half of the file should be 0.5° per edge, and for the toe half of the file it should increase to 1° per edge. This is the way that the great saw files of the past were produced.

Petitioners can send an email to stating the size of files that are used, and the quantities per year consumed. If you are not sure of the file size then state the Saw Teeth Per Inch counts of your saws (you must specify tpi or ppi for your counting method – this is not critical for fine tooth saws, but it is paramount for coarse saws).

This data will be presented to a manufacturer as evidence of the huge demand for good files, and to show them how much business is waiting to be tapped on the shoulder.


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