Save Puriri Park from becoming a high intensity housing estate.

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There is national recognition for the need for Open spaces (park and recreational land) for the health and well being of the environment and the community that live there. Whangarei District Council have an Open Space Strategy to plan to identify local park spaces and to limit buildings and structures in these spaces for the enjoyment and recreation of the community.

The main park in the Maunu community of aprox 1400 people is Pruri park. This is partly owned by the council and partly by the crown. This land was acquired under the public works act due to population growth and in anticipation of the need for an intermediate school. The Council have maintained this land as part of the park for that 50 years.

Despite the fact that council have identified that Maunu does not have enough Green space for the community, they declined to purchase this land from the Crown and instead have allowed Housing NZ to purchase this land who propose high intensity housing in its place. This would set a precedent for Housing New Zealand to build on other green spaces in NZ.