The destruction of Cultural Heritage by more development at Triq Pietru Xuereb, Pieta'

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A permit grant was given the go-ahead at Triq Pietru Xuereb in Pieta' by applications 07241/16 and 07620/16. The Planning Authority gave the go-ahead, without having done the surveys requested by SCH of the WW2 shelter present on the land, as well as the interior of the tool room dating back to the 1700's.  Please note that the information has already been passed to the media declaring such a shortfall, by putting forward the heritage present on the land-

Despite in flagging up the importance of the present heritage on the land at Triq Pietru Xuereb, Pieta’, the Planning Authority Directorate never bothered to investigate further, for the sake of what or whom? All this gem will be wiped out next month, also by a schemed road, which is not useful, encroaching also on a private cultivated GARDEN with many fruit trees. On the land, all date to 50 years of age there is a carob tree, 4 pine trees, 16 pomegranates, a blackberry and other fruit trees, a WW2 shelter, and a 250-year-old tool room. Shame on PA, we as Maltese had enough of the destruction by (PA 07241/16 and PA 07620/16).  Please sign the petition now, to request and demand a conservation order especially if the interior survey of the WW2 Shelter with UNIQUE features was never carried out, as well as the interior photos of the tool room were never submitted. We need to stop the construction on the last remaining agricultural land in Pieta'.

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