Save Willie Thornes Snooker Centre; in loving memory of Malcolm Thorne.

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Save Willie Thornes Snooker Centre; in loving memory of Malcolm Thorne.

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As many of you know, Malcolm Thorne literally gave his life to this place and the world of Snooker. The council have claimed the building back where this world famous gem lies to build offices. I am Malcolm`s youngest daughter, Olivia and I have spent the best part of my life down at that place as have my family; as at the start it was a pure bred Thorne business . My dad and my grandma opened the doors in 1981 where hundreds of people from around the world came to take place in one of the famous 128-player tournaments that my dad religiously put on. He inspired so many young lads to go far with the game; Mark Selby, Judd Trump, Ben Woollaston, Tom Ford... are just a few of the names that dad put on track to fame and fortune , dedicating himself to helping them. That place has so many memories and is so very sentimental to who took part in making it what it was. Since my father sold it over (stupidly) to other companies, the place slowly began to crumble, my dad caved into depression and all was lost. Until many years later, the club wanted him back to manage it again as their business was long gone and dad brought in the punters. Sadly, a couple of years after he was diagnosed Stage 4 Lung Cancer from passive smoking before smoking was banned inside buildings. I watched him slowly deteriorate over the year, as his depression made it impossible for him to have hope. Even up to the very end, he still tried to work at Willie Thornes and took part in what was going on in the Snooker world. Hundreds turned out for his funeral and I couldn`t believe how many peoples lives he had touched.... I know that if all the people that knew and loved my dad and what the club stood for come together, we CAN stop this heartbreaking thing from happening but I am going to need EVERYONE`s support. This is the last big part of him that is still alive and I literally feel that he would of died for nothing if we can`t save this treasure that he left behind and I`ll be damned if I go down without a fight. As Malcolm, my daddy, would of said to me...

"Its better to have lived one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep"

Thankyou so so so much for taking part in this, it means the world to me and I know it would to him.

Olivia Thorne.


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