Save the Wilmington Area School District’s Music Programs!

Save the Wilmington Area School District’s Music Programs!

June 4, 2022
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Started by Jillian Legnosky

The Wilmington Area Chorus and Band programs are in need of your help! The administration and the school board are proposing HUGE cutbacks to our music programs by eliminating 1 of the only 3 positions our district currently has. This would leave our current (phenomenal) teachers Mr. Nickel and Mrs. Greig to teach K-12 grades music and band alone. This “restructuring” would eliminate the position that was left behind by the previous 2 music/choral teachers, which has already wreaked havoc on our children’s lives. This “restructuring” will also cause for elimination of some of our ensembles (most likely the choral ensemble) and current courses and cut down year long music programs to only semester length programs! 

Our music programs and our students have already taken a toll from the previous teachers in the positions and the current teachers and students have pushed through and prevailed! They do not deserve to have yet another setback in the programs they love.  

New Wilmington has one of the most prestigious music/band programs in the TriCounty area and we pride ourselves on that! Our band students do not call our band the “best band in the land” for nothing! 

Please take a moment to sign the petition to keep all of our current music/band programs and funding. Please share what the music/band programs mean to you or your children so our administration understands how important it is to keep these programs in our schools!

Special thanks to Mr. Nickel and Mrs. Greig for sticking by our school and our children through controversy and Covid! We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers in our district!


This petition made change with 2,091 supporters!

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