Saving The Strays Through Spaying and Neutering

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  • Around the world, in cities especially, there are a large amount of stray animals.
  • Many people in the cities tend to ignore these animals, and as a result, they reproduce, and even more animals are put out into the city with with no food or water.
  • These animals get put into shelters, where a large amount of them will never get adopted, and will eventually put down.
  • In order to solve this problem, we need to get a large number of supporters in order to convince the government to allocate more funding into spaying and neutering programs for stray animals.
  • By doing this, the amount of stray animals in shelters will decrease, and as a result, the ones in the shelters will have a higher chance of finding a home. 
  • My cat was rescued around five years ago. Her mother gave birth to her along with about six other kittens, however, she wouldn't have survived if she hadn't been rescued. Conditions are harsh out in the environment for these animals.