save the manatees

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Manatees are going extinct due to people ruining their habitat and hunting them. Manatees are BFG! (Big, Friendly, Giants) And they're still hunted till this day at, South America and the Caribean.

Historically, West Indian manatees were found along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, throughout the Caribbean, and as far south as Brazil's Atlantic coastline. However, due to hunting, habitat fragmentation and loss, and other factors, manatees have disappeared from various parts of their range. We need to save the manatees!

we need to take care of the water and we need to stop hunting or hunters from killing manatees.

because i see a lot of things about animal cruelty i was so sad when i saw animals being punished. So i asked my friend what animal i should start a petition on he said manatees so that is what got me here today