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Save the Lake in the Hills Equestrian Center (Currently Silver Lining Equestrian)

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The Village of Lake in the Hills has decided that after well over 50 years of operation, it is demolishing it's equestrian center on 1109 Pyott Road, to create turf fields. This, in turn, has also caused its current tenant, Silver Lining Equestrian, to be without a facility on July 31st, 2017. 

Joan Larsen started the original Spring Hill Farm Riding School in 1964 on her family's property on Pyott Road. Throughout the years hundreds (perhaps even into the thousands) of equestrians had their beginnings/careers at this facility. Pat Boyle's family oversaw all barn operations for over 20 years as Spring Hill Farm. Now, Pat Boyle is the Owner of Showplace Productions, which played a key role into transforming Balmoral Park into its current state as a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) showing facility. 

The Village of Lake in the Hills has decided to demolish the Equestrian Center due to it having "no financial benefit" and to replace it with turf fields. This decision was made by the Village of Lake in the Hills Board of Trustees in a closed door meeting on February 9th, 2017 according to Doug Petroshius, the Village Administrator. The meeting minutes available online do not reflect any sort of vote on the matter taking place. Also, this decision (of demolishing the facility) was not made aware to the public prior to it occurring. 

The issue at hand is yet again a government seeking ways of profitability over preserving it's long-standing history. This has become all too common problem, and we as a community have an opportunity to come together to put a stop to it.

This article perfectly describes yet another reason as to why this facility should remain operational:

As a current rider at Silver Lining Equestrian, I am asking everyone to please take a minute to sign this petition in hopes of keeping the facility open and operating. There is so much unique history at this facility and we have a chance to preserve it. If we do not receive enough signatures to hault the Village of Lake in the Hills in their actions and protect the facility historically, then we will see over 50 years of local equestrian/community history vanish yet again due to profits. 

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