Save the FUTURE of healthcare in KARNATAKA! GMP seats are our right! Lets FIGHT!

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Hello everyone and especially hello to all the Kannadiga medicos and PG aspirants out there. We just like you simple PG aspirants who had mind full of dreams hoping one day we would be working in our dream jobs and be able to serve our people of Karnataka.
Today all those dreams seem like a lie. I am going to tell u few points, you decide whats to be done !
1.Karnataka like every other states give 50% seats to All India counselling from govt and deemed colleges.
2.Karnataka 1 of the 3 states to offer open category for anyone from India to apply for KEA counselling here.
3.Karnataka having varieties of reservations for everyone, Karnataka domicile people are left with few seats only. And to save us, GMP seats were reserved. 
4.The non-Karnataka people who are taking seats through KEA with reservations like Open category, Hyderabad-Karnataka quota and seats in deemed and pvt colleges who would afford for lakhs of money are eyeing for our only GMP seats now.
5.Karnataka round 1 seat has been allotted and many have surrendered their        All-India seats after been allotted to good colleges in Karnataka and have paid the fees. And if the GMP seats if gets shared many will loose the seats they have been allotted now.                                                                                                       6.ONLY 2 STATES OTHER THAN KARNATAKA has open category in India for Karnataka PG aspirants to apply via open category !
7.Article 14, right to equality, through Which non domiciles are claiming for GMP seats from us, we request you to have open category seats in your states too as WE TOO HAVE THE RIGHT TO EQUALITY AND JUSTICE!
8. Giving our seats to non domiciles for years who take degree and go back to their states and serve their people, there have been few to fewer doctors over the years in Karnataka to care for our own people today in society, especially in VILLAGES.
      To be in the Karnataka's healthcare sector for now and we who are struggling for years and are now READY TO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE OF OUR STATE AND GIVE THEM THE HEALTHCARE THEY DESERVE. So I request YOU ALL Kannadigas to join us by signing this petition to fight against this injustice ,to take back our GMP seats in support of Karnataka Govt. and we promise to serve you well today and always. We the DOMICILE DOCTORS OF KARNATAKA humbly request THE HONB'LE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA to acknowledge our grievance as mentioned above.
     Regards from President of Karnataka Medical Student and Youth Doctor's Association, Medical Students and PG Aspirants of Karnataka.
Thank you.