Save the "Frank Sinatra Bungalow"

Save the "Frank Sinatra Bungalow"

March 14, 2017
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Started by Doug Quill

The famous "Frank Sinatra Bungalow," and portions of several historic sound mixing studios located on "The Lot Studios" in West Hollywood, are scheduled for demolition this coming April, 2017 so the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power can expand their power line footprint. 

We are starting this petition in hopes to protect and preserve these historical buildings that helped define the "Golden Age of Hollywood."

"The Lot Studios", formerly known as the "United Artists," "Samuel Goldwyn Studio," and "Pickford-Fairbanks Studio" was established in the 1920's by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks. Their dream was to build a home for independent filmmakers and pioneering artists to work together outside the mainstream Hollywood system. This studio has since served as the birthplace for many notable films such as West Side Story, Some Like It Hot, Porgy and Bess, The Apartment and The Wizard of Oz.

After Pickford and Fairbanks divorced in 1936, they divided the property in two halves. Fairbanks' half, "The Lot Studios," is still a fully functioning movie studio lot with a tight knit community of filmmakers and artists. Pickford's half (the original "Back Lot") was given to the City of Los Angeles, allegedly to be turned into a public park. It was later acquired by the DWP and is now occupied by industrial power lines and transformers. The Sinatra Bungalow and portions of the sound mixing studios have fallen on the properly line of the DWP, who are now reclaiming this land to further their industrial development.


My name is Doug Quill. I am a candid, hardworking 28-year-old filmmaker from Newburyport, Massachusetts, a small, historic 1700's seaport town located on the North Shore of Boston. I grew up in a working class family that restored and maintained several historic properties on the east coast and have a deep love for architecture and history. My grandfather played trumpet for Mr. Sinatra in Atlantic City for many years and described him as an honorable, loyal man with tremendous talent. Needless to say, I am a personal fan of Mr. Sinatra, hence why, this demolition project deeply saddens me.

I run an independent film production company out of The Lot Studios. I have no financial benefit to seeing these buildings preserved, my interest is purely to help protect the fundamental qualities that continually inspire artists from around the world to journey to Hollywood in pursuit of their dreams.


Our priority is to maintain and preserve the Sinatra Bungalow at its current location, or by moving it to The Lot. One concept is to convert it into “Frank’s Tavern,” a speakeasy cocktail lounge featuring "all things Frank."

We need your help in order to protect this precious piece of history within our community. With your support we can save the Sinatra Bungalow and keep Hollywood the place Frank would be proud to call, "My Kind of Town!"

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This petition had 1,163 supporters

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