Save the Animals: Use Alternatives for Animal Testing

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Animal testing is unethical and is therefore considered as a bad science. This procedure sacrifices helpless animals for the sake of human convenience. Moreover, studies have revealed that it is unreliable given that 9 out of 10 drugs experimented on animals fail when it comes to human utilization. Stopping animal testing does not mean putting humans at risk and hindering medical progress, but the manifestation of humane practices can actually improve science.

The manifestation of humane practices may be exemplified through the various alternatives for animal testing such as the following:

A.  Vitro Testing

Vitro testing pertains to the use of human cells or tissues. An example of this is Harvard’s invention, organs – on – chips. Instead of experimenting on animals, this chip can be used in disease research, drug testing, and toxicity testing.

B. Silico Modeling

Silico modeling is the use of advanced computer-modeling techniques, which simulates the human biology and determines the development of diseases

Provided with these alternatives, using animals for drug testing can be stopped.

Utilize these alternatives for Drug testing and save the animals!