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Smash has been put out to pasture and the fans need to express to NBC that the demand still exists for a third season of the only Broadway show on television.

A brief infographic outlining the situation can be seen here.

Letter to
NBC NBC Programming
After a significant investment in the second season of hit tv show Smash, NBC has made several programming decisions that have ensured that Smash would not return on the investment made to it.

As punishment for falling ratings and a failure to return on this investment, the second season will most likely be Smash's last.

The undersigned express their support for the continued investment in the future of Smash, and do not want to see it cancelled due to poor business moves on the network's behalf.

The number of the undersigned indicates the support that Smash has for a third season. Please reconsider your position of branding Smash as a show that is not worth investing in, and return the show to a reasonable time slot to show the executives just how promising the only Broadway show on television can be.

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