Save Saluda-No Shooting Range Here

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The Henderson County Board of Commissioners has placed a contract on the property at 2823 Macedonia Road (which also borders NC Gamelands) for the purpose of constructing a training center for officers in Henderson County and possibly from all over NC.  And, also construction of an outdoor shooting range. This decision appears to be on a fast track and the location is the third attempt to locate this center and range.  There has been much opposition at each location.

A shooting range in the idyllic and authentic town of Saluda can destroy the peace and tranquility of this community; damage the environment, wildlife, soil and water (studies are prevalent online which detail the damaging effects of lead toxins and noise to the environment, wildlife and humans). Create a negative economic impact to businesses in Saluda. Will change the way of life and culture as we know it forever; the slow-paced, historical town of Saluda that promotes its natural assets; the Green River Gorge, its rivers, waterfalls, and mountain vistas. Noise effects will be ongoing and will impact wildlife and humans.

We need your help by telling the Henderson County Commissioners that you oppose this plan in Saluda before April 18, 2018 at 9am.