Save Salona Restaurant

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The Yarra City Council has put a Stop Work Order on Salona Greek Restaurant on Swan Street Richmond. This is a clear abuse of power and another case of bureaucracy gone mad from a Council with an already horrendous reputation. The 40-year, family-run restaurant was attempting to paint the walls and change the floors and decor to revivify the space and remain competitive in what has become quite a bustling street. A Stop Work Order was issued because there were no permits for the work that was being done. However, any work being done that isn't structural (ie. painting, or replacing decor) doesn't require a permit.

The Council is now threatening that any required paperwork or any 'lift' of the Stop Work Order will potentially take 6 months to approve. An absurd amount of time to expect a small business to stay in limbo.

The thing is, this small, local, beloved restaurant is run by a family. This family's only source of income is through this business, and the Council has effectively cut their means to live!

If they carry out their threat this restaurant, which Richmond has loved for over 40 years will have to close. If that's the case, what a disgusting blemish this will leave on this poor excuse of a Council; an entity that's meant to represent the people.

Please sign this petition to show your support for Salona Greek Restaurant, and to pressure the council to lift this ridiculous order.