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Save Sabattis Adventure Camp!

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Patriot's Path Council wants to close our camp! The one where we have laughed and cried, cheered and screamed, learned and grew! But the time has come and we must let our voices be heard! Be heard by those who SAY they believe in scouting's moral teachings but do not practice what they preach! We ask that Patriot Path Council delay any decision on the fate of Sabattis Adventure Camp until they have tried everything in their power to help it thrive.  We understand PPC has to consider all programs it offers, and the needs of all scouts in the service area.  We can bring ideas and resources to PPC. We are committed to help promote our great camp, in order to return attendance to what it once was! Sabattis is the embodiment of what Lord Baden Powell envisioned for scouts! Scouting is built on the patrol method! Not being served at a dining hall! How do we have scouting with out Sabattis? I sure as heck don't know the answer.

Sabattis Advenutre Camp is the most beautiful and life changing camp that Patriot's Path Council has to offer BY FAR! It is a true gem that we cannot afford to lose! Scouts and Scouters get to experience the serenity of the Adirondack Mountains while earning merit badges, kayaking in Bear Pond, doing sea plane excursions out in Long Lake, fishing, mountain boarding, laughing, learning, or just straight up relaxing. If that isn't cool enough, the extensive history that Sabattis has is truly mezmorizing and awe inspiring. From Mitchell Sabattis, to Charles Daniels our camp has been through it all!

To some at PPC, Sabattis Adventure Camp is a property and a set of programs that need to be managed. We acknowledge PPC is facing challenges in keeping the camp running successfully. This is why we request that we ramp up promoting camp to help bring energy back to Sabattis. There are people who would be more than willing to step up and do this! We need to adapt to the ever changing needs of scouts in the 21st century and we all need to work at appealing to the next generation. We want everyone to realize that we our on the same team! We want Sabattis to be a successful business venture for PPC and we want to HELP with that! The fact is that an open Sabattis is beneficial to EVERYONE!

So, it you want to help Patriots Path Council save the camp, sign this petition. If you want to help bring the camp into the 21st Century, sign this petition. If want answers to why Patriots Path Council is doing this, sign this petition. If you want SOLUTIONS instead of EXCUSES, sign this petition. If you think that the patrol method is the ONLY method, sign this petition. Most importantly if you want Sabattis open for business, bringing knowledge and new skills to scouts, sign this petition!

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