Save Puget Sound Orcas by Removing the Lower Snake River Dams

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The Issue:

Currently, Puget Sound orcas travel roughly 500 miles to obtain food. A substantial decrease in Chinook salmon, the orcas’ main food supply, has as resulted in a drastically decreased orca population, making them an endangered species. What was previously three separate orca pods scientists have now condensed into one remaining pod of only 78 orcas. Without the rapid implementation of a sustainable food source, the Puget Sound orcas will completely die out.

The Solution: 

As a result of modern research, it has been discovered that four dams are blocking the Lower Snake River from flowing into the Columbia River, which connects to the Pacific Ocean. Salmon that would follow the flow of the Lower Snake River are trapped by the dams. As such, research strongly supports the removal of the dams, as a consistent flow of salmon into the Pacific Ocean could provide a sustainable food source for the orcas, saving them from extinction. 

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