Padawan Municipal Council, STOP catching TNVR DOGS & CATS !!!

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Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release (TNVR) include anti-rabies vaccination is a proven programme that manages stray populations and prevents the spread of disease.

Save Our Strays Kuching (SOS Kuching) has been carrying out TNVR programme for free roaming community animals. They are identified by wearing PVC chain collars.

The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) of Kuching City have been using cruel and inhumane methods to catch dogs and cats that have already been neutered and anti-rabies vaccinated. These are animals with feeders and carers. THIS CATCHING IS UNCALLED FOR AND SO WRONG!!

We acknowledge that there is a current rabies issue in Sarawak. However it has been proven in countries like India, Australia, Bali( Indonesia), United States and many more that the most effective way of rabies management is NOT to cull the dogs and cats but to carry out TNVR.

These TNVR-ed animals create a buffer of protection and are our first line of defence against further spread of rabies. It has been proven that TNVR effectively subdues the rabies virus when 70% of the population of free roaming dogs and cats are vaccinated.

On 26 June 2018, MPP caught 3 of our TNVR community dogs with PVC chain collar and sent to be killed. This is NOT the first incident we received proof that PVC collared dogs were caught. (Refer to attached photo of other victims). This is UNACCEPTABLE and it breaks the mutual agreement between the animal welfare groups and the Minister of the local councils that PVC collar dogs will NOT be simply removed from the community.

Hence, we urge all animal lovers to speak out for the unfortunate and voiceless many; to STOP MPP from catching and killing them! 

Your signatures will save these innocent furkids .