Save Our Sports Road Events in Northern Ireland

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Please sign and support this petition to help save our sports events on Northern Irelands roads. We ask all runners, walkers, cyclist and triathletes that we have a voice that needs heard to all our politicians .We need action as many of our events will be lost due to the new legislation. Please also share on facebook ........ 

Dozens of amateur sports events have been cancelled due to new legislation . This will have a massive effect on amateur running , cycling and triathlon events throughout Northern Ireland. We will see a massive impact on our sports  that help the well being of many.

The sporting communities have thousands of sports men and women taking part  in the many events taking place all over Northern Ireland each week who take part or volunteer. Our sports of running, cycling ,triathlon and walking make a large impact financially to the places that we visit with  accommodation,  restaurants, cafes ,bars etc and also looking after businesses that do chip timing ,medals and items needed for thousands of events each year. 

Our sporting communities are one of the largest fundraisers in Northern Ireland with many of the events supporting the many charities that count on the money raised each year , many events will be lost as an effect of the new  legislation ,we ask all MLA's to please look at a proposal to amend or revoke the legislation as it would  require the approval of a minister of the NI Executive. We need you back to the NI Executive to help our sports ,our charities and our businesses. Until then we ask all councils / councilors in Northern Ireland to look at ways to help our many sporting events before they are lost for good. 

We hope you support and join our campaign!

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