Save Our Slipway - Pett Level

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Following representations from a handful of locals, Councillor Chris Saint from Rother District has been looking into to significantly restrict access to the Public Slipway at Pett Level. We are told that he has been in talks with the Environment Agency about locking the existing gate and possibly adding a second gate to prevent access to the Public Slipway.

There has been a Public Slipway serving the community and fishermen at Pett Level for as long as anyone can remember. In 1932, after a court action was brought to prevent a private citizen fencing off the beach, a public right of way was established and in 1934 a wooden sea wall and slipway were built. These have since been upgraded to concrete structures.

We are advised that Cllr. Saint originally looked into preventing PWCs (Jet skis) from using the slipway. At a meeting with the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat committee (“PLIRB”, which uses the slipway regularly), it was explained to Cllr. Saint that the majority of the half dozen or so PWCs we see here each year, launch from Rye Harbour so this action will have very little impact on the use of PWCs here.

Should the public not be able to use the public right of way over the slipway, there will be no safe place to launch kayaks, windsurfers, sailing dinghies and small boats. In an emergency, PLIRB (who will be given keys) will need to open both gates before launching, delaying response, and there is a significant risk that people will park in front of gates that they see to be locked, making access for the rescue boat impossible. The release of seals back into the wild, use by film crews, schools, the Coastguard and others will be impacted. Also, importantly, disabled access to this part of the beach will no longer be possible.

Please let Rother District Council know that the desire of a handful of locals to make the beach their private domain shouldn’t override all of the above.

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