Save Our Oceans!

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Our oceans are important and through our inevitable and disgraceful methods of disposing garbage and trash, we are in turn ruining our oceans and killing the very marine life in it. MAKE A CHANGE NOW. 

My name is Michael and I am looking for a change. I feel that us as humans are careless and happen to be the only species in existence that have no positive ecological contributions. Instead, we destroy nature. We pollute oceans. We kill the very animals that live in those oceans. This is completely and utterly UNACCEPTABLE! If we don’t stop these habitual actions, life will become a time of desperation and pollution. I feel the desidaratum to call for action. People talk about solutions, but how about they implement them? The vitality of this dilemma is unseen by others. We under-perceive things. That is why you can   by signing his petition. The Victorian Government have done virtually nothing to avail this issue. I strongly believe that there needs to be some sort of program/s in place to help. And not just the creation of them. There needs to be initiation and control that people can truly trust and rely on. I, and many others are completely and utterly disgraced by this fanatic ridicule of a complexion that people think are our ‘perfect oceans’. People need to look at this problem with a new perspective, because we are all in this together. It is because of US that this horrible eradication of marine life is happening.

This issue is major. It impacts not only the ocean. Not only the marine life. It impacts us and even things as immensly colossal as our own victualling habits. What would you say if I told you that when you eat fish, you could be eating the very microplastics that killed that fish? If nothing is done, our world will be flooded in trash and plastic. If we don’t do something, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 100,000 marine creatures die each year due to our inhumane actions. Plastic and ocean pollution doesn’t just affect our marine life, though. It affects our world and even us! A fish cannot tell the difference between plastic and krill. What happens when the fish eats that plastic? What happens when it is infected with hazardous toxins that spread to its muscles and vital organs and KILL IT. Plastics don’t break down. They remain on this planet for generations upon generations and devastatingly accumulate. There is no subsistence of true biodegradablility in modern society. Let’s help the ocean. Let’s help the marine life. Let’s help everything.

We need to take action. You need to sign this petition because the future is at stake. Current generations have to see this pollution, later generations will have to LIVE in it. You need to sign this petition because the marine life is at stake. Having more plastic than fish is so unbelievable and unacceptable. I feel ashamed, and you should, too. This is OUR doing. We have to fix it. I hope I have convinced you that our oceans need saving.