HELP Stop the Construction of Solar Power Plants on Residentially Zoned Land in NK

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We need your help!  The town of North Kingstown has enacted Ordinance 18-02, which allows for solar developers to come into our town and deforest our wetlands and woodlands for the installation of solar power plants.  Currently, the residents living off of Shermantown Road and in Westmoreland Farm are fighting to prevent one of the largest solar fields in the state from being placed in a residential zoned area; however, this is not the only proposed project.  When these solar plants are put into place all the vegetation is destroyed and the wildlife is decimated. Our fragile wetland ecosystem-headwaters of the Saugatucket River, purifies our water as it flows into the Narragansett Bay. Our drinking water from our wells, and town water supply will be polluted by the destruction of wetlands, as well as by the procedures used by the developers to clear the land, such as drilling, blasting, and cutting.

 Please join us in demanding that the Town Council require:

- That solar power plants are placed in industrial zoned area and NOT residential areas

- That no variances or special use permits are issued until the town formulates a comprehensive solar plan that protects our residential land and forests , and incentivizes brown fields, landfills, and already cleared tracts of industrially zoned land

- That the town consider a clause in the ordinance that would protect wetlands and densely wooded areas from being clear-cut for the installation of solar

We appreciate you adding your name to this petition, and sharing with as many North Kingstown residents as you can.  Our voices must be heard!  Please make every effort to attend all upcoming Planning Commission and Town Council meetings.  Keep updated by checking the calendar at

Here is a link to the type of community and woodland devastation industrial solar power plants leave in their wake: