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Zoe Lofgren’s response

Jul 12, 2017 — Thank you for joining this important petition. I agree that the FCC’s planned rollback of net neutrality regulations would alter the internet significantly. That’s why, during the previous rulemaking, I sent a letter to then FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler outlining a path forward for strong net neutrality rules. You can read my full letter here:

As you may already know, the public comment period for FCC’s net neutrality repeal proposal is open until August 17. I would encourage you to submit your comments for the record here:

You may also be interested to know that I joined a number of my House Democratic colleagues in signing a letter to Chairman Pai, urging him to retain current rules that classify broadband providers as telecommunications services under Title II of the Communications Act.

Our existing net neutrality protections ensure that all users have access to an open and free internet. You have my commitment to continue to fight against any attempts by Republicans to dismantle these crucial regulations.

Thank you,
Representative Zoe Lofgren