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 In 2014 North Ayrshire Council took the decision to demolish the wooden part of Millport Pier. The pier had been neglected for several years prior to this decision being made and since that date it has fallen even into a worse state of repair.
A stay of execution was put in place when NAC were advised by some local people that the pier forms critical flood defence for the town and until other measures are put in place it is vital that it should be maintained or otherwise the town is at risk.
In the recent consultation on Millport Coastal Flood Prevention there was overwhelming support for the retention of Millport Pier and the construction of off shore breakwaters. The sting in the tail however is that even if offshore breakwaters are put in place North Ayrshire Council have ring fenced £0.5m for demolishing our pier and fully intend to do so on the premise that it's cheaper to demolish than to maintain!

We believe that this is a short sighted and ill-informed decision and that Millport's fragile economy would boosted by the retention of a working pier.

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