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Our beautiful girl Mia is facing being euthanised by Moreton Bay Council for getting out 4 times in 12 months. She has been in our family for 3 years and my partner and I have 2 children that adore and love her just as much as we do.

Due to moving houses and having insufficient security to keep her in, a fence got put up and she was fine. But then we moved again to dakabin. new backyard she found ways to get out again but the problem areas had been fixed.

 Their main concern is that the 4th time she got impounded was only a week apart from her third time. This was due to my partner being away in the Northern Territory for work and I had visited him for two weeks, our neighbour was feeding her for us. A few days before we were to fly home Mia had gotten out due to being stressed and anxious caused by being away from us for so long. We paid for her release and couldn’t wait to see her when we got home. . The last time she was impounded Mia had physically seen myself leave our property and she obviously started to fret again and managed to escape. Now the council wants to “Destroy” our girl! 


***Mia has not been declared a DANGEROUS or MENNACING dog***

PLEASE HELP SAVE MIA! She means the absolute world to us and more.