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Save Knock Iveagh

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Knock Iveagh has been a hugely significant hill since Neolithic times. It has unparalleled 360 degree views from Slieve Guillion to Slieve Donard and from Lough Neagh to the Antrim plateau. This site was special to Ireland's earliest inhabitants for good reason. Archaeological exploration in 1954 revealed that the hillside is littered with bone and ash, and a round cist cairn on the top of the hill is ***one of the oldest in the North*** having been dated to approx 3060BC. The hillside was largely unspoilt for more than 5000 YEARS until the more recent arrival of a road, which seemed to go nowhere...

Sometime around 5/9/17, a broadband mast was erected right beside the cairn apparently without planning permission, or any archaeological/ environmental consultation. The local Council and Historic Environment Division are now investigating. IN ADDITION, further development is planned for Knock Iveagh, including the construction of a 41m wind turbine. This will not only dominate the cairn and ridge and be visible for miles around, but it will also block important sight-lines to and from the cairn. It is believed that Knock Iveagh may also have been the location of later ritual inaugurations by the Magennis clan, and in common with other inaugural sites around Ireland, clear sight-lines in all directions would likely have been key. 

Retrospective planning permission has now been requested by those responsible for the erection of the broadband mast. They propose a  '15 metre telecommunications lattice tower, mast and cabi including security fencing with pedestrian access gateway.' See link here:

Given the incredibly sensitive and important nature of this area, we are asking people to support our campaign by signing and sharing this petition, and also by contacting ABC council planning department regarding development of the hill.  Helpful links are given below.


Please help and share this petition with anyone you know who may care. 

Once these unique places are destroyed we cannot get them back.

The time for action is now!

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This petition had 2,173 supporters